Spotted: ABBOTT – Shuffle

Today I’m introducing you to ABBOTT, the dutch composer living in Hamburg. You might know him from this post about a previous release. ABBOTT works as a composer for film and TV and every now and then he finds time to make music for his own purposes.

This song is released as a single but will also be featured on an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your song Shuffle!
The song is about being positive and having an accepting mindset in moments that are challenging in life. It’s probably one of the ‘lightest’ songs of the album.When I first wrote the song it was a dark sad piano melody but I didn’t want to write another sad song. When I played the melody more lightly and in shuffle the song started to feel right. It basically has these two theme’s which repeat after each other and that, with addition of a string orchestra, were the groundworks of the song. I’ve worked pretty long on the string arrangement to get every line just right and at the recordings everything just came to life. That was such a special moment for me, because as a composer you’ll learn so much from hearing other musicians play your music. I’ve never experienced something like that. That was incredible!

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