Spotted: Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur – A song about loss

Spotted: Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur – A song about loss

Today I will introduce you to Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur, composer and musician from Malta. and

I’m a keyboardist for pop-rock band Red Electrick, but I’ve also recently ventured on my own side solo project in which I write neoclassical tracks but with a poppy, electronic edge. 

Tell us something about your track A song about loss!
The first track I released is called A song about loss (en sang om at miste). It’s a song which was born out of the unnecessary attachments we make with a lot of temporary things and people in our lives, which is why we often end up experiencing the feeling of losing something or someone which we should never have gotten so attached to in the first place. It’s a process like no other seeing a piece of music grow from a simple, sketchy idea which doesn’t say much to a final piece of work which attempts to say a lot. It’s an extremely liberating feeling to get small and personal with your instrument and try to approach your naked reality through it. And this track was essentially my humble attempt to get the listener to see his or her life (rather than mine) in the reflection of my music, despite the difficulty of this when the music lacks words and is not a lyrical medium.

Will this song be part of an album eventually?
Actually the album I’m working on will have a bit of a running theme, but I can’t reveal much yet! But just as a teaser.. there’s the idea of the album being a conversation with myself, kind of like a monologue of advice and introspections. 

Thank you for this wonderful song, and this wonderful video!

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