Spotted: Federico Delli Santi – Innocenti Scoperte

Today, I’ll introduce you to Federico Delli Santi, apianist and composer from Vicenza. Hestarted playing the piano at the age of six, first with classical studies and then with modern ones. This is his first single for solo piano, and I am honored to share it!

Tell us something about Innocenti Scoperte!
This song contains thoughts, moments, emotions, days, hate and love, told through my most sincere instrument, the piano. The title of the piece comes from all the moments spent with the piano, from all my studies since childhood and all my dreams that led me to start this great project: write an album and share it with everyone. When I sit down at the piano I become a child who has yet to discover all the things in the world, which is why I transform the emotions I hear in music. The music I write comes from the heart because it is always new, to be discovered and listened to. This is how Innocenti Scoperte was born. The goal is to collect this and other future songs in a real album.

Thank you Federico for this lovely track! And good luck with the album! Looking forward to hear it.

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