Spotted: Alessandro Paganelli – Momentum

Today I’m introducing you to Alessandro Paganello, an Italian composer and guitarist (!?) now based in the German capitol Berlin! Don’t get fool by Alessandro being a guitarist, because this is a really beautiful piano tune! It was released as a single in February by Mellotron Records.

Tell us something about Momentum!
Momentum is the first piece I have ever written for solo Piano. Usually I write for an ensemble of strings, classic guitar and piano, and I usually use piano to sustain the sound of the ensemble and rarely in my music it becomes a solo instrument. So this was a new challenge for me, to write for an instrument which I cannot master and to find a kind of sound that I could relate to. It started from paper and then I changed it and transformed it while playing it. When I finished it I decided to use the sound of UnaCorda to make it less “pianistic”, to put more focus on the structure of the piece and less on the instrument. 

Thank you for sharing this with us Alessandro, and don’t be afraid to write more tunes for piano; this is a really beautiful piece of music.

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