Spotted: Paul Constable – A Silent Tear

Spotted: Paul Constable – A Silent Tear

Today I’m introducing you to Paul Constable from Minneapolis in America. Paul has been playing piano since he was fairly young, and has recently started to release solo piano music. This song is taken from his second album which was released in February 2019.

One note that might be of interest is that A Silent Tear is the first line of a poem formed by the 15 titles of the tracks on the album. The album sort of organized itself around that.

Tell us something about A Silent Tear!
A Silent Tear is my favorite track of the album and it pretty much just poured out of me one evening. It’s evocative to me of happiness and sadness at the same time and about how we humans always seem to be in a state of yearning. When we’re sad we crave for the sadness to end and when we’re happy we’re still craving – for the happiness to never end.

Thank you for this Paul! And that poem thing with the titles is truly amazing!

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