Spotted: Alstad – When We Lost it All

Spotted: Alstad – When We Lost it All

Today I’m introducing you to the Canadian composer and piano player Cory Alstad, or just Alstad. Cory lives in Vancouver and has released music now and then in the past. About eight months or so (which would be late 2019) he started to release instrumental neo classical music.

The track When We Lost it All was released as a single on April 17th.

Tell us something about your track When We Lost it All!
“When We Lost it All” is an instrumental piece that features the piano. It’s a very reflective and gentle piece that was written after a conversation with a friend who had recently gone through a number of devastating experiences that involved the loss of relationship, livelihood and finances. I wrote this piece as a response to the deep sadness that he was going through, almost as an act of musical empathy. It’s interesting that the Coronavirus hit our world, soon after I wrote this song. Even though the song is not specifically about this pandemic, it certainly evokes many of the same feelings that a lot of us are experiencing. This song has a sense of lament and deep sadness to it, and I think that it’s timely for what we’re going through right now together.

Thanks Cory for sharing this tune with us!

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