Spotted: Shai-li Paldi – Off We Go

Spotted: Shai-li Paldi – Off We Go

Today I’m introducing you to the latest track by the Israeli composer and piano player Shai-li Paldi. I have previously posted about Shai-li’s song We will last here! Shai-li started playing piano at the age of five and later graduated from LIPA in Liverpool with a bachelor degree in composition and music production.

The track Off we go is taken from the EP Night Walk which was released on the 17th of April, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Off we go!
This track was written a few months ago, started as a little improvisation on the piano. I accidentally played a wrong note, and this mistake ended up being the harmony change in the piece. In my opinion this harmony brings some edge to this track that’s starts very comfortable harmonically but continues as more mysterious while it goes.

I’ve lived at my parents’s home since Covid-19 hit Israel, where I decided to release a concept EP about my experiences during these weird times. Recording, mixing and editing was made quickly and efficiently because I wanted to release the EP while the world was still on pause so the concept can come through clearer. I’ve edited the improved version of ‘Off We Go’ to what it is now, and worked on four other tracks to accompany it. ‘Off We Go’ is the third track, right in the middle of the EP.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us Shai-li!

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