Spotted: Anders Wiking – Rådjur

Spotted: Anders Wiking – Rådjur

Today I’m introducing you to my friend Anders Wiking. Anders is a guitar player, songwriter and good guy from Sweden, currently located in the small village Hurva. He started writing songs for real a few years ago, and after I had produced his first solo EP in December 2018 I convinced him to start writing some instrumental guitar music as well.

Apparently I have some kind of power over him, because he did. He wrote and recorded an entire album!

I have talked a bit about this before, but the main focus on MY blog is piano music. Guitars are scary. But it’s also MY blog, so I can decide what to post about!

Rådjur is the first out of four singles from Anders upcoming album Djur på svenska, and was released today (august 2019).

Tell us something about your track Rådjur!
The song is actually composed by ideas from two different songs, the intro/outro is from a song that I wrote for a rock band I was in and the main melody is a variation of the solo from the track gubben i månen ( man on the moon) that I wrote for my band Rimstad Rockerz. 

When I sent all of the tracks for this song to Johan he started to experiment with some beats for the absolute last part of the song, the crescendo, and it came out so good that we kept it even though it’s a bit out there. 

Thank you Anders for writing instrumental music and letting me work with you with it!

For more information about Anders, check out these links:
Facebook / Instagram / Spotify