Spotted: Dave Griffiths – Liturgy of the Hours: Terce

Today I’m introducing you to Brittish composer Dave Griffiths from Dorset in England. Dave has been in many bands in the past (BOSH, Chaos Curb Collaboration), but has now decided to start his journey in Ambient piano music. And we’re grateful!

The song Liturgy of the Hours: Terce was released as a single in the beginning of august 2019, but it is also part of a series which can be found on this playlist.

Tell us something about your song Liturgy of the Hours: Terce!
The whole ‘Liturgy of the Hours’ series is me improvising around a simple theme on the piano and then adding moving pads and synth bass underneath what I’ve done. They are themed on the hours of prayer kept in monasteries. ‘Terce’ is the name for late morning prayer. 

Thank you Dave!

For more information, check out these following links:
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