Spotted: Andrei Poliakov – Lullaby in the moonlight (

Spotted: Andrei Poliakov – Lullaby in the moonlight (

Today I’m introducing you to the Russian composer and musician Andrei Poliakov and his track Lullby in the Moonlight. Andrei got his musical education as a pianist in St-Petersburg and then continued his professional career as a oboist. He now lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

“I do not feel bound by a genre or a style, and instead I use and abuse the variety of styles to paint a deeper and more colorful, meaningful musical picture. Nevertheless, the Piano is always staying as a centerpiece of my compositions as I believe the richness and diversity of sounds of the “king of music” easily trumps any other instrument I know”.

The track Lullaby became available on streaming services on the 17th of September, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Lullaby in the moonlight!
“Lullaby” is my latest piano single, showcasing nocturnal and diurnal perspectives through two tracks. Evolving from lush beauty into dramatic invigoration, “Lullaby in the moonlight (” is a an intimate, quiet and lulling solo-piano piece, replaying moments when all the daily conquers are over, the large world turns small in a room around you, busy streets of the cities are going quiet, the night’s veil is just about to fall on your tired eyes. The opening bracket at the end of the track title symbolises the moon in descent. This track is dedicated to the city of St-Petersburg, one of the most wonderful cities in the world which I love dearly, where I was born and lived the most in my life. The beautiful artworks for the release were provided by a very talented artist from Germany, Natalia Osenchakova; the artworks were inspired by the magnificent scenery of St-Petersburg, too.
Lullaby in the Sunshine) will be released 3 weeks after the Lullaby in the Moonlight on the 8th of October. The second piece will feature an array of styles and live instruments to develop the story further: it’s a humorous take on the idea of sleeping in a full daylight, when the world is at its peak of energy, rushing and loudly making its way to the evening; sun rays sneaking into your tightly closed eyes.

Thank you Andrei!

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