Spotted: Galdmatic – 824: The Summer of 2020

Spotted: Galdmatic – 824: The Summer of 2020

Today I’m introducing you to the track 824: The Summer of 2020 by the American artist Galdmatic. Galdmatics real name is Nahum Galdamez and Nahum comes from Los Angeles. Nahum has however lived all over America and Canada for the past ten years.

I am classically trained since age 6 but have been producing and creating pop and alternative music for different projects on and off for the past few years. I have always had the inclination to return to my classical roots and this summer,

The track is released as part of the EP called Crown World EP which came out on September 4th of 2020.

Tell us something about the track 824: The Summer of 2020!
824: The Summer of 2020 is a personally meaningful song as it encapsulates my recollections of a very tumultuous year.
It is a song of pain delivered with a sound of hope. 
The piece consist of three short introspective sections: 
824 – Being from Los Angeles, the death of Kobe Bryant was a profound shock to everyone around me.  It was weird having to process grief for someone we’d never personally met, but as I wrestled with that emotion, I had the initial melody of this song appear in my head for a few days.  
As the year continued to evolve, so did the song. The middle of the composition represents the daunting transition I had to make as I moved my family and I back home across the country to California. The melody is an ode to the feelings of separation that developed after driving away from a place where I had experienced so many new things and made bonds with so many great people. 
And finally, the concluding “mini-act” represents the part of the year when the pandemic hit home, through the death of my uncle and grandmother. This final section is a melodic eulogy that ties all this experience together. It is a transition, a send off, and a tribute to beautiful lives that were well lived. 

Fun FACT: When I received the final master cut of this song, I realized that the running time was 2:24 – those were the basketball numbers of Kobe (24) and his daughter (2). This wasn’t done on purpose and it was a great synchronicity to discover. 

Thanks to you Nahum for sharing this with us!

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