Spotted: Andrei Poliakov – Sunflowers

Spotted: Andrei Poliakov – Sunflowers

Today I’m presenting you with the track Sunflowers by the Russian composer and piano player Andrei Poliakov. Andrei has played the piano since the age of four, and has also played the oboe in the St-Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Ha has been making neoclassical piano music for the past three years.

The track Sunflowers was released as a single on the 20th of November, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Sunflowers!
It feels a bit odd to release a tune called Sunflowers in the beginning of the winter. But at the same time, let’s admit it, we always long for the past – coming back to the good moments of our lives in the past and trying to relive them in the now.

The summer of 2021 was full of hopes and expectations of a promised happiness: still at the backdrop of the world health crisis, hoping for the better future and waiting for the normal life to get back on track (as if it were possible at all)… Well, all of it has yet to happen, and we are now drilling into the winter with a bit frozen minds and stiff bodies, all our emotional power being well spent feeding the positive expectations for the future.

So remembering the Summer is not a bad idea all in all, and what would be a perfect symbol of Warmth, Revival, Sunshine, Beauty, and Love? The Sunflower of course, the most peaceful and gorgeous flower on Earth! (subjective, I know).

Let’s treat this little piano melody as a tribute to the Summer and to the Sunflowers, and then it will summon all the summer happiness, power, fun, and energy, inject it right into the now and we all will become stronger and happier to live through whatever this Winter brings us in its long sleeves!

Thank you very much for this Andrei!