Spotted: Nathan S Madsen – Deciding Moment

Today I’m introducing you to the American composer and piano player Nathan S Madsen and his track Deciding Moment. Nathan lives in Austin and works with game audio

The track Deciding Moments was released as a single on the 25th of November, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Deciding Moment!
This track came about as I was improvising and came up with the opening motif. It just struck me as interesting. So I began developing it into what  you hear now. It was very improvisatory and done in one take. The way I try to think about solo piano composition is almost like placing someone in the middle of a movie scene where drama is already taking place. I think of pictures and settings a lot while playing or composing. It’s called “Deciding Moment” because the mood or vibe of the piece felt like a character was at a crossroads and unsure how to proceed. Perhaps even afraid to, at first. But during this piece, they’ve made up their mind. They know what they need to do. I hope you enjoy the piece!  

Thank you for this Nathan!

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