Spotted: Andrew Shapiro – Mint Green

Spotted: Andrew Shapiro – Mint Green

Today I’m introducing you to the American composer and piano player Andrew Shapiro from Brooklyn, New York and his track Mint Green. He started recording solo piano music in 2009, and that partricular recording was made in one day at Philip Glass’s studio.

The track Mint Green was released on the album Numbers, colors and people back in 2008 and re-released as a solo piano single in 2021.

Tell us something about your track Mint Green!
I was a young artist making my first album and was amazed a piece of art-music could find the reception that it did. But it was in the way that it did I continue to find fascinating. Mint Green has resonated with fans of a number of disparate artists and genres. It’s Classical, Ambient, Emo, Pop and Trance simultaneously. One could make the case that this is really a piece of Electronica realized by a human on a piano… When the piece reached into mainstream territory –initially on Coldplay’s Pandora station– I started hearing from people all over the world. In recognition of this journey, I’ve created a remastered and shortened version (four minutes); the one I play on TV and in other appearances.

Thank you for this Andrew!

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