Spotted: Selin Gökova – Haze

Spotted: Selin Gökova – Haze

Today I’m introducing you to the Turkish composer and pianist Selin Gökova and her track Haze. Selin started to play the piano at the age of 11 and started composing her own tunes when she was 13. During quarantine she decided to start making her music public, and Haze is her debut track!

This track Haze was released as a a singleton the 12th of March, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Haze!
I composed “Haze” on a very sunny day in July. Despite the weather outside, I could only feel an intense haze covering my thoughts and life due to all the uncertainties and anxiety the pandemic brought forth. The piece draws visual imagery of a hazy scene, in which one is alone and unable to see anything or move forward. Surrounded by fear and hopelessness, one starts to feel smaller and smaller, while the future transforms into a source of anxiety instead of excitement. However hard one tries to get rid of this haze, every step taken to reach the sunlight becomes one more miserable move into the big grey ocean of uncertainties.

Thank you very much for this Selin!

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