Spotted: Andy Feldman – A Memory Rendered

Spotted: Andy Feldman – A Memory Rendered

Today I’m introducing you to American composer and pianist Andy Feldman, located in New Jersey. He got interested in the piano at the age of three, and started making own music in high school. Most of the piano compositions from that time just got uploaded to Soundcloud and was forgotten about. A few years ago, Andy started to take his piano music more seriously and refined his improvisations to actual songs.

A Memory rendered is the first single from Andy’s EP Rest and be thankful, which was released early march.

The EP title comes from a viewpoint in Scotland that sits atop what once was a long road out of Glen Croe. It was traditional for travelers to rest at the top and be thankful for reaching the highest point. Many of my songs are about looking backward with a bit of nostalgia, or looking forward in hopes of finding something. I thought it would tie the EP together nicely to have a track and title that is about appreciating things for what they are. So while the other tracks may be about other things and other desires, in the end, we are left with the things right in front of us.

Tell us something about your track A Memory Rendered!
The track A Memory Rendered comes out of an improvisation I played roughly 10 years ago. Over the years it became refined into what you hear today. I actually just listened to the old recording recently and realized I had completely forgotten about a part of the track that used to be there, so the piece has definitely evolved over the years. The piece is meant to convey looking back on a time when things seemed simpler. When I first recorded a demo of this years ago, it was titled “A Memory,” but when the file was bounced down in Ableton Live, it got the word “rendered” added to the end, since that’s what Ableton did at the time when you bounced or rendered a file. I ended up liking the sound of it better, so I kept it.

Thank you for the music Andy, and keep up the good work!

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