Spotted: The Aquaerials – Discordia

Spotted: The Aquaerials – Discordia

Today I’m introducing you to The Aquaerials latest album Discordia. The Aquaerials is, despite it’s name, a one man band; and it’s only member is Mark Swanson. He’s an American composer and pianist beased in Grand Rapids in Michigan. Mark has been making piano music since 2015 and this is his 10th album (wow, that means 10 albums in just four years!).

My music ranges from modern-classical to synth pop and post-rock, but it’s all centered around the piano.

Tell us something about Discordia.
Discordia includes 6 minimalist, atmospheric piano pieces that were written and recorded at my home between July and December of 2018. The album was released on February 8th, 2019. It’s just a collection of happy, sad, whimsical and lonely piano tunes.

Tell us something about the track Sunken piano!
Most of these pieces take weeks for me to complete, but Sunken Piano, was literally written from start to finish in about 30 minutes while I was waiting for my wife to get ready for dinner one night. It just kind of wrote itself, so I stayed out of the way. The rest of the songs were more stubborn than that.

Thank you for sharing this album with us Mark!

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