Spotted: Antonio Resende – The River, The Wind, The Hope

Today I’m presenting you with the Brazilian composer and piano player Antonio Resende and his track The River, The Wind, The Hope. Antonio’s main instrument is the guitar and his musical base is jazz music.

As I currently compose and produce more than I play, I thought it would be a good idea to work with solo piano music where I could put ideas and inspiration from my musical history.

This track was released as a single on the 13th of augusti, 2022.

Tell us something about your track The River, The Wind, The Hope!
I started writing this song for a very peaceful film with beautiful landscapes. The melody came to me and I felt that the music would not match the filming very well. I kept it for a while and during a trip I decided to take a look at my musical projects in progress and when I heard this song, the melody touched me deeply. So I decided to produce and ended up really liking the end result. I just released it as a single on digital platforms.

Thank you very much for this Antonio!

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