Spotted: Montefalcone – Naja 5

Today I present to you a brand new track by Montefalcone (aka. Adriano Regazzin), a Swiss composer and piano player based in Winterhur. Adriano has played the piano since he was a small child but hasn’t released any music of his own before four years ago.

The track Naja 5 was released as a single on the 16th of august, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Naja 5!
Naja 5 is the 4th released song of the Naja series (Naja, Naja 2 and Naja 4). The title “Naja” for this series originally came from a lack of ideas for a title – it means something like “yes and no”, could be an expression for doubt or even the name of a poisonous snake. The interpretation of the title is left to the listener.

Thank you very much for this Adriano!

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