Spotted: Astrid Sky – Destiny

Today I’m introducing you to the Canadian composer, guitarist and piano player Maneli Jamal (aka. Astrid Sky) and his track Destiny. Maneli has travelled around the world with his guitar but has spent his time during the pandemic to write piano music to help him “journal and meditate”.

The track Destiny was released as a single on the 21st of January, 2022, and will also be part of a future album.

Tell us something about your track Destiny!
The song ‘Destiny’ is actually a rearrangement of my solo acoustic guitar piece called Synchro Destiny. Its a love song that I was able to write for a couple for their anniversary. It was a joyous experience to put my feet in their shoes and experience their deep bond through this track

Thank you very much for this Maneli!

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