Spotted: Blurstem – Moons Lost

Spotted: Blurstem – Moons Lost

A while back I introduced you to American composer and musician Chris Bartels and the song Rubrik which he made together with Brique a Braq. This time Chris has collaborated with guitarist Rosen Poem and string player Alex Berglund. When I read the pitch for the song, I was almost scared off since it mentioned the word “guitar”. But I’m glad I kept listening, because this is a really beautiful piece of music!

Moons Lost is released as a two track single and will be featured on Blurstem’s full length album that comes out in September.

Tell us why you stepped away from your moniker Elskavon!
Since I started writing a lot more on piano, I decided to step away from my Elskavon moniker on some, and that’s what birthed Blurstem. With that, I started sending improvisations and songs to friends of mine, and artists I admire, to add their touch to it. It’s been a lot of fun seeing the creative input come in – each with a unique flavor. And over half of the album will actually be collaborative at this point.

Tell us something about your track Moons Lost!
This is the title track for Moons Lost, and it’s quite simple – one chord progression throughout the entire song, building up to a climax and back down. While I usually find myself avoiding one chord progression for 4 and a half minutes with most songs, this one seemed to fit nicely – in just letting the dynamics and emotion of the piece be the main focus, not worrying about adding a B section or anything like that. Creative contributions to the track include that of a couple Minneapolis friends of mine – Alex Berglund played strings, and Josh Leininger (Rosen Poem) played guitar. I love what they brought to it.

Thank you for sending me this Chris!

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