Spotted: Symbio – Rising

Spotted: Symbio – Rising

A couple of months ago I attended Manifestgalan, which is the Swedish Independent Grammys, with my band Rimstad Rockerz. We were nominated for a price in the children’s music category. We didn’t win… On the event there where four band invited to play. Three of them were kind of ok.

The forth one were freaking fantastic! So fantastic that I had to get up from my comfortable chair and clap my hands and scream just a little bit when they were finished playing. The fourth band were Symbio. A pretty strange duo if you look at the instruments they’re playing. Accordion and… Hurdy-Gurdy? Is that even a real instrument?! I’ve just heard of it and used a sample library with hardy-gurdy sounds before. But to be honest, I had no idea what so ever on how it actually looked like. Check out this wikipedia article if you’re interested in learning more about the hurdy-gurdy, or just check out the video below to see how it looks like, and how it works.

This is a bit off my main focus on the blog. It’s actually the exact opposite of what I usually write about. This is how I look at it:
Classical music traditionally is written down with sheet music. It’s played in the nicest of rooms for a dressed up and seated audience. Folk music on the other hand is, from what I understand, learned by tradition (like ear to ear). Played outside, probably somewhere in Dalarna in Sweden, during the summer and everyone is dancing (and probably drinking moonshine).

Well. This might nog be the actual truth, but it’s a funny way to look at it!

Hey Symbio! Please tell us something about your track Rising!
Rising is the title track of our latest album. The track is an original track composed by us, just like all the music on the album. Rising is a tribute to all the people who have been going through a hard time in their lives and found their way back. For most of people life is fantastic filled with possibilities to experiences good things! But some times life can be really hard and some times it even happens that you loose the feeling of being happy to be alive, and hungry to continue your life. Terrible things can happen to us or people who are close to us and this can make us loose the energy and the motivation to live. This can be a very critical moment and when you are there, you can’t really see how life could change and you could feel better or good again.. But we humans have an extra ordinary ability to rise time and again, no matter how deep down we have fallen, even if it is usually not easy – It is possible. 

When we are in this dark place and ciritical moment, we have to remember that life is hard some times, but it can change and get better. We also need to remind ourselves to beg for help from people who are close to us, because some times it is hard to stand alone when hard things happens in life, and people usually want to help if they can and understand that they are needed. The most simple things can mean a lot some times, just to show another person that “I see you, and I am here to listen if you need.” 

We wanted to dedicate this track to all the people who have been through this process, and also to the people who are struggeling with it right now! 

Here’s a video from their performance at Manifestgalan. If you watch until the end you can see a very happy dude shouting. You can’t miss him, because of his pink jacket. Well. That’s me.

Wasn’t that the greatest thing you’ve ever heard?

Hopefully the answer is yes.

Thank you Johannes and LarsEmil for this wonderful experience!

Here are some links if you’re interested in learning more about Symbio and their amazing music.
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