Spotted: Borrtex – thōughts

Spotted: Borrtex – thōughts

Today I’m introducing you to Borrtex, a composer and piano player from Czeck republic. Borrtex have been playing the piano since the age of 6, but never really appreciated going to music school. Two years ago he did however fall in love with the instrument and eventually started composing.

The song thōughts is taken from the album with the same name, which was released on November 1st of 2019.

Tell us something about the song thōughts!
Funny fact is, that I composed over 30 songs for this particular album, but somehow, the quality of the sound was getting better with each new song, so eventually I started deleting the first ones, and making more of the new ones that sounded just so much better! At the end, I selected only 10 songs that I felt were good enough for the album. The song titled thōughts represents my creative process. For me, thoughts are just melodic ideas that I have in my head while I’m thinking about something. And once it starts making noise in my mind, I need to make it visible. So, sitting behind the piano and just kind of ‘transcribing’ my thoughts into music is the main point for the title of the song. …

Thank you very much for this song! (And the album is also great by the way).

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