Spotted: Jacob Trautner – The Mermaid

Spotted: Jacob Trautner – The Mermaid

Today I’m introducing you to Danish composer and piano player Jacob Trautner. Jacob has a long history of music; which started by him taking piano lessons at the age of six. He later went on to study music at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, which led to playing in bands, symphony orchestras and so on.

Personal insecurities and a calendar that was quite packed, caused me to lose the desire to play over the years. In 2013 I hit rock bottom, and everything felt grey and indifferent. I started focus- ing more on my own compositions, went into therapy, and initiated a slow process to regain my motivation, enjoyment and vitality both for life and music. My first album “Melancholy” reflects that journey.

The Mermaid is released as a single but will also be featured on the album Melancholy on December 13.

Tell us something about your track The Mermaid!
I’ve always had this idea that someday everything’s gonna be perfect, that eventually, I will be radically fulfilled. This piece is my attempt to describe this longing, but also the resistance to the present moment. The mermaid becomes a distant ideal, something you’ll never reach, but it’s very alluring and challenging to resist.

Thank you for sharing with us Jacob!

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