Spotted: Brad Couture – Turnabout

Today I’m introducing you to the New England composer Brad Couture who writes music mostly for sync purposes, but also write and release piano-based ambient/post-rock/cinematic music as well.

Tell us about the song Turnabout!
For Turnabout, I wanted to do something a little different that the two previous releases – Volumes I and II were more on the softer, “prettier” side of piano music. Since piano can technically be considered a percussion instrument, I wanted to explore that side of it a little more. Tape delay patterns also helped the rhythmic side of things!

This latest release of mine is the third installation in a series of piano and other string based instruments – called “Strung”. The two previous releases, Volumes I and II, were purely piano and some cello and violin, but with Turnabout I also added a bit of a beat with an analog synth kick (a modified sample from a Linn drum machine specifically), because I felt it lent itself toward the percussive feel of the song. 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful tune with us Brad! Make sure to check out the following links for more information about Brad and his music: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website / Spotify

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