Spotted: Philip Daniel – Memory Gate

Spotted: Philip Daniel – Memory Gate

Philip Daniel is an American composer and pianist from Lincoln, Nebraska. He writes solo piano and piano/strings music that is classically inspired but accessible to the average listener.

Tell us something about this latest release of yours!
This is a small 3 tune EP, recorded in one continuous take as part of a live-studio video session. The tunes contrast each other, the first being rhythmic and heroic, second one is dream-like and nolstagic, and the last one is a short hymn-like melody that hearkens to the past and losing something/someone. 

Tell us something about one of the tracks! Is there a story behind it? The last track is basically one melody and my favorite melody I’ve ever written. It’s quite simple but captures the sense of loss and heartbreak but simultaneously portraying an unknown hope. I subconsciously always try to capture this joyous melancholy in my music and this piece encapsulates that. I had a friend help me name it and he likened it to the scene in the “Lord of the Rings” (the last one) where the hobbits leave at the end, for never to return. 

Thank you for this wonderful song Philip!

You can also enjoy the music on Spotify, and for more information about Philip and his music; please visit these sites: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Homepage