Spotted: Brad Couture – Vignette

Spotted: Brad Couture – Vignette

The second person ever I made a spotted post about was an American dude called Brad Couture (you can find previous posts here). I sometimes get a bit sad when people I have written about release music without sending it to me; were they not happy with the coverage I provided?

Thats why I got very happy when I saw Brads name on another submission! And what a song he sent me! I immediately fell in love with Vignette and hopefully you will too!

The track is taken from the EP Focal which was released in late June of 2019.

Focal is an EP that revolves around an analog photography theme – each of the songs (Lightleaks, Tiltshift, and Vignette) each have to do with a certain photographic technique or effect. 

Tell us something about your track Vignette!
Vignette actually had started out as a very upbeat track with percussion and synths – somewhat the opposite of what it eventually turned into! I had been trying to massage the song and make it work in that context, but something wasn’t really clicking, like I had been trying to force it into a box where it didn’t belong. Eventually, I just tried to break it down to the bare minimal – piano and some ambiance, and finally the track started to make a bit more sense. Adding the accompaniment of strings at the end felt like the best finishing touch to complete the song too. It’s always a surprise when writing – sometimes the music just wants to take it’s own course, and you have to let it!

Thanks for sending me this Brad! Keep up the good work!

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