Spotted: Rob Simonsen – Spectre

Spotted: Rob Simonsen – Spectre

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Rob Simonsen. Rob grew up in Missouri with pianos all around the house. He comes from a musical family and started playing music from a pretty young age.

The name of this song instantly reminded me about James Bond (I’m a big fan!) and the mood of the song is also kind of James Bond. Or, well. I guess James Bond also gets sad every once in a while.

The song was released as a single in June , but will also be featured on an upcoming album scheduled for September 2019.

Tell us something about your song Spectre!
I think it started out as a piano improvisation and then I arranged for strings and brass and we also recorded an Ondes Martenot and choir. And everyone was playing in unison and then Stan Neff (producer, engineer, mixer) and I started working on blends and we ended up only using the piano for a small amount and it became this sort of more string based, ethereal, otherworldly track. 

Thank you for sending me this very cinematic song Rob!

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