Spotted: bzur – Insieme

Spotted: bzur – Insieme

Just a couple of week ago, I introduced you to the mysterious piano person bzur, who prefers not to have his name mentioned. What I do know is that he’s from Italy and makes fantastic music. So when he sent me a link to his single Insieme, it wasn’t an option not to write about it!

Tell us something about your track Insieme!
“Insieme” means “Together”, and was initially released some months ago, as part of my album “Why”. 

My intention, apart the compositional challenge, was to prove that piano and organ could go “together” well but, as sometimes happens, the track did not receive a particular warm reception… not a big concern, as I don’t expect everyone likes everything 🙂

In the new version – released as a single –  the organ has been replaced by… another piano. So the piece is now conceived as a 4 hands piano one, which means: play it “together” with your best friend 🙂 people seems liking it way more than the previous version.

Thank you for this lovely four hand piano track!

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