Spotted: Kotaro Saito – Jasmine

Spotted: Kotaro Saito – Jasmine

Today I’m introducing you to Japanese composer and piano player Kotaro Saito. Much of his inspiration to make music comes from growing up in India. Before starting to make piano music, Kotaro worked with branding and media promotion.

The track Jasmine is taken from his EP Poem, poetry or not which was release the 1st of February.

So, Kataro! Tell us something about your track Jasmine! 
Jasmine is a truly contrasting creation in comparison, in which it is purely emotional, improvisational, and is totally different from my previous works, which have been produced in a way the music is intended and calculated to grab listeners’ attention within the first few seconds. 

Detached tone, yet lyrical, from high pitched to low pitched sounds. Introducing you to the highly imaginative piano sound. 

Thank you for the music Kotaro!

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