Spotted: Canovass – Can You See with so Many People?

Today I’m introducing you to the Spanish composer and piano player Canovass. Canovass started taking music classes one summer when he was six years old. He later went on to study piano at the conservatory of music and was 11 years old when he composed his first piece of music.

We could say that my relationship with the music has been as difficult as real love. I have been composing during long periods, but there are others where I hated doing it and left it, never it was good enough for me what I did or I never dared to show it. I proved other things to forget the music. I didn’t achieve it. For this I returned to study and I received composition lessons for years for better control over my skills.

The track Can You See with so Many People? was released as a single on April 8th of 2021.

Tell us something about your track Can You See with so Many People?!
This song is about the difficulty nowadays of seeing the things, of understanding their, of focusing it,  with so much stimulus than around us and so many people that influye us.

Thank you very much for this Canovass!

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