Spotted: King Jamsheed – Luna Instar

Today I’m introducing you to the track Luna Instar by the British composer and piano player King Jamsheed, based in Brighton. King is a multi instrumentalist and writes music in all kinds of genres.

The track Luna Instar was released as a single on the 9th of April, and will also be part of an album later on.

Tell us something about your track Luna Instar!
The track Luna Instar is a cross section from the 5th cycle in the album, describing in music the Luna moth’s development stage before it grows wings and leaves its larvae state. When I play the piano, I don’t look at the keyboard. So when I record live, I actually wear a blindfold. I look like a crazy person but it puts me in a state of total connection to the instrument so I can trust my mind and let my hands go where they need to go.

Thank you very much for this song King!

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