Spotted: centrl – Hyacinths

Spotted: centrl – Hyacinths

Today I’m introducing you to Canadian composer Gennadiy Rakov from Toronto. Gennadiy recently released the debut album Oceans where this track can be found among other songs of different genres; mostly electric and melancholy music.

The (artist) name was inspired by a song of one of my favourite artists John Frusciante. His lyrics “I’m central to nowhere” have a liberating effect in their own way – we might think that we’re the centre of the universe, but we’re all just floating somewhere in space.  I think once you detach yourself from that feeling of importance, it’s easier to create.

Tell us something about your track Hyacinths!
The track Hyacinths came about spontaneously when I was recovering from an illness and I wasn’t able to leave my house for a couple of weeks. That day I was working on a guitar track that wasn’t quite shaping up to be what I wanted. Somewhat frustrated at the end of the day, I sat behind my keyboard and Hyacinths just came out organically. All the piano parts were recorded in 1 or 2 takes (which is far from what normally happens when I’m trying to record). It felt like I was just there to record the music rather than to actually compose it.

Thank you for sharing with us!

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