Spotted: Martin Brice – Monterey’s Coast

Spotted: Martin Brice – Monterey’s Coast

Today I’m introducing you to Martin Brice, an American composer from, and currently based in, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Martin Brice’s real name in Sean Hannan, and Martin Brice is what he calls himself for his solo piano project. A fun fact about is that both the artists name and the titles of the songs is taken from the movie Sneakers from 1992.

The song Monterey’s Coast is released as a single and came out in the beginning of august 2019.

Tell us something about your song Monterey’s Coast!
The first few tracks I had written for this project were major key, positive vibes piano pieces, and I wanted to switch it up and write something a little more melancholy. Adding to that moodiness, I refrained from smoothly flowing arpeggios and opted for more of a push/pull rhythm which lends to the track a certain tension. As it was coming together, I kept picturing this large musty attic with shafts of light breaking through missing slate tiles, so I leaned into that atmosphere on the production side with a more percussive piano tone and spacious reverbs.

Thank you for sharing this with us Martin/Sean!

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