Spotted: Christian Larese – Sweet Dreams

Spotted: Christian Larese – Sweet Dreams

Today I’m presenting you with the track Sweet Dreams by the Austrian composer and piano player Christian Larese. Christian started to play the piano in 1997 and shortly after started writing his own music.

Since 2021 I try to finish musical scetches as quickly as possible and release music right away, so it doesn’t get stuck in that “just an idea”-stage left dusty on my desk. After practicing a lot of classical and Jazz music I have a strong connection to these genres, but also feel an atrraction towards electronic and modern music. And improvisation is a big part in my music all the time.

The track Sweet Dreams was released on the album “Ballads and Lullabies”, which came out on May 31st 2023. 

Tell us something about your track Sweet Dreams!
Sweet Dreams is one of ten piano pieces that I wrote for a dear friend of mine. She has been my biggest source of inspiration for half a year now. Released on her birthday, this track (as well as the whole album) is very personal to me, a lullaby for a beautiful, strong woman. I’ve recorded it on my upright piano at home and left away any further instrumentation or arrangement to keep that personal and intimate touch. The album cover fits the music very well, showing a painting by French paintress Lau Blou, which I discovered in Amsterdam.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us Christian!