Spotted: Christina Higham – Awakening

Spotted: Christina Higham – Awakening

Today I’m introducing you to Christina Higham and her latest release Awakening. Christina is a classical trained pianist, composer and teacher from Victoria Australia, now located in Melbourne.

Christina was one of the artists featured on The minimal piano series pt. 2, which I wrote about here. This is her second single, released by The Sonder House. New music coming end of march!

Please tell us a little something about awakening!
Lately the way that I have been composing has been really intuitive, and more about creating an atmosphere, rather than focussing on a melodic structure.

This piece, Awakening definitely has memorable little melodies, but my approach was different in that I was trying to create colours and textures using the treble and bass registers equally, to create beautiful rhythms and harmonies that interplay.

My focus has also been on simplicity, and the spaces in between the notes.
The other way my method has been evolving is that I will have a piece pretty much worked out overall, but not exact in every detail, and then I will sit down and hit record, and just see what happens.
I’ll do this multiple times, and some will work, some not so much, and then sometimes something totally new will find it’s way in and just…work!
It’s fun doing it this way because it feels very in the moment, and these little unexpected added notes or improvisations can be what makes the piece more interesting (for me anyway!) in the end.

Thank you for sharing this with us Christina!

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