Spotted: Richard LaBrooy – Bloom

For regular readers, Richard LaBrooy is nothing new. He constantly releases ner music, and you can read about his previous single here! Richard is a musician and composer from Melbourne, Australia. This is one of many singles coming our way this year, and what I think is different with this one is that the song is pretty happy. When I first heard it, I even called it “a bit silly”. Most music I present to you here is either laid back or at least quiet.

But on this one Richard didn’t hold back!

Tell us something about Bloom!
I’ve found that Bloom has been my most simplistic piece to date, both texturally and compositionally. To be honest, I hesitated for a while on releasing it, as I didn’t think it would stand up to the more complex pieces I hear out there. But I think that it’s simplicity is what makes the piece what it is.

In terms of how it was written and produced, I always write my piano parts first. The very first nugget of an idea formed was that opening rhythmic arpeggiated pattern. Something about it just sounded prettier than my usual melodies, and I was curious where it would go. I liked that it didn’t sound like me.

A lot of the soundscapes and beds you hear underneath the piano are from recordings I have taken, as well as patches that I’ve programmed into various synths. But most of the organic instruments you hear are virtual instruments.

One day I’d love to record a live chamber orchestra, but right now, due to workflow and money, it’s a little difficult. I also think being reliant on players can hinder your output, so right now where I’m at, I actually prefer to use virtual instruments. However, I do get great joy out of manipulating sound sources and sound design. I think it’s my favourite part of writing and producing a track. One reviewer told me that ‘Bloom’ sounded like ‘Springtime’. So take that for what it’s worth.

Thank you for sharing this music with us Richard!

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