Spotted: Christof R Davis – Fragments

Spotted: Christof R Davis – Fragments

Today I’m introducing you to the track Fragments by British composer and piano player Christof R Davis. Christof was raised by music parents and didn’t seem to have a choice but to choose a musical career.

I’ve played piano since the age of 9 (also majoring in percussion, drums and some brass instruments) and wrote my first piece of music when I was 11. 

The track Fragments is released as a single but is also part of a wider collection of tracks which will be released in the upcoming year. The first one can be read about here!

Tell us something about your track Fragments!
Unlike Momentary which was recorded as many different versions, before choosing the best take, Fragments was recorded in a single take and wasn’t ever intended to see the light of day as a release. I had recently updated ProTools and this track was a sketch which I used to make sure everything was working again. I discovered the recorded again a while later and reflected at how well it sat within my ‘Time’ study project and so decided to release it here!

Thank you very much Christof for sharing your music with us! Looking forward to more Time-tracks!

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