Spotted: Christopher Dicker – Precursor To A Day

Spotted: Christopher Dicker – Precursor To A Day

Today I’m introducing you to Australian composer Christopher Dicker based in Melbourne. Like many others, Christopher spend his youth in different bands, but (like many others) he also eventually turned to piano music in 2015. He’s piano composing skills came at the same time as his piano skills, also in 2015. So, what you hear in this song is kind of the result of only four years playing and making music on piano. That’s impressive!

The track Precursor To A Day is taken from the EP Odes To An Early Morning which was released on June the 14th by The Sonder House.

Tell us something about your latest release!
Precursor to A Day is the opening track to an EP titled ‘Odes To An Early Morning’ released  on June 14th; a record themed around the still and quiet time of day between midnight and sunrise. The 4 tracks are actually the remnants of a full-length i never finished, so as to move my focus to the soundtrack for Snake Island (the soft-more novel by well known Australian author Ben Hobson) which will be released on August 5th. I enjoyed these tracks and figured i’d release them instead of letting them just site on my hard drive.

Tell us something about your track Precursor To A Day!
This track itself was an unplanned improvisation from this very time of day, recorded one morning when i was up particularly early. It felt  to me like that space just before the world wakes up and the day really begins.  As I produce my music at home on my piano, sometimes I just push record and play for a while and that is how this happened. You can even hear me sitting down at the piano bench at the beginning of the track – I kinda liked how that sounded so i left it in!

Thank you very much for sharing this song, and this EP with us Christopher!

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