Spotted: Ema Shah – First Kiss

Spotted: Ema Shah – First Kiss

Today I’m introducing you to Ema Shah, a singer, actress and director from Kuwait. Well, since this song is talken from a solo piano album, I feel free to call her a pianist and composer as well! Feel free to check out her other music as well by clicking the Spotify link all the way down on this post.

The track First kiss is taken from Ema’s first ever solo piano album called In Love which was released on June the 2nd of 2019.

Tell us something about your track First kiss!
The story of each track in this album is the same story. I was a depressed, because I was looking for pure love and stability in a relationship; I loved someone and I did not tell him that I loved him and he did not share the same feelings. I didn’t tell him because I know it doesn’t matter if he is as a man doesn’t take this action.. it was hard.

This Music is real and I made it from my heart, because I’m in pain when I am silent. I didn’t want to make anything sad or negative or even for anyone to know about this subject. On the contrary, the musical sentences are major and positive to give hope to people even if I did not have that hope and I was in deep sadness. I do not like to see any human being in the world going through this situation because it is very difficult. Love is difficult and passive people are difficult. also I was facing 3 very negative people, in 3 days, every day I was facing very negative person, I went to the massage shop in Kuwait at 2 am and I said to myself: Go to the massage and forget the past and forget the negative people and convert  this psychological pressure to something creative, take advantage of this moment, seize it. I went to massage and I was on my way home at 3 am. in the car I called “Fahad Al Msallami Studio”  and the musician “Mubarak Karam” and we schedule this next day. Within two days we finished the album. I compose in any moment, my head full of melodies.

Thank you Ema for this story, and I do hope you find the love you’re looking for!

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