Spotted: Collin’s Echo – Tolerance

Today I’m introducing you to the duo Collin’s Echo from New York. The duo consists of the “two new dads” Bryan and Caleb. The project started (like mine) as an attempt to make sleeping music for kids and their parents!

The track Tolerance was released as a single on and is now also a part of an album, Solo Piano Meditations, Vol. 2. 

Tell us something about your track Tolerance!
We recorded this track, as we recorded much of our music, in a NYC living room just after one of our kids fell asleep in the nearby bedroom. The evening is the quietest and only workable time for us to record, but it’s also a time for parents to take a deep breath, knowing your child is now sound asleep. That being said, we still need to keep our volume to a minimum, so our songs generally don’t get too loud!
With this song, we try to illustrate the idea of tolerance, a strength and key component of being a parent. We hope you enjoy it!

Thank you very much for this!

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