Spotted: Cormac Parle – A Magic Spell

Spotted: Cormac Parle – A Magic Spell

Today I’m introducing you to Cormac Parle who introduced himself to me this way: “I’m a middle-aged Irish guy who wanted to be a rock star when he grew up”

I choose to introduce him as an Irish composer and piano player! Cormac has what he calls “a musical itch” which needs to be scratched. Usually he scratches his itch with his indie band he’s been in since high school, but recently he started making some piano music.

A magic spell is only his second single, which was released in august, 2019.

Tell us something about your track A magic spell!
I started work on A Magic Spell (full title “This isn’t a song it’s a magic spell I’m casting on you”) shortly before myself and my wife had our first child. It began as just a dreamy waltz, but then I left my job, we moved out of the city to the countryside, and the baby arrived all in quick succession. It was a bit overwhelming, and the piece became somewhat more turbulent and melancholy. Happily the baby is now 14 and I’ve cheered up a lot since!

Thank you very much for this Cormac!

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