Spotted: Erik Slättberg – All that didn’t happen

Spotted: Erik Slättberg – All that didn’t happen

Today I’m introducing you (again) to my good friend Erik Slättberg, the amazing (jazz) pianist and composer from Örebro in Sweden. Erik was one of the first people to participate in my Behind the piano series, and you can read the full post about Erik here!

Eriks song Tybblelund taken from the album Growth is one of my all time favorites! I like it so much so I asked Erik to send over the sheet music so I can try to learn the song. Well, I tried, and I managed to play through the entire first part, but then I gave up. I enjoy listening to it still though, even if I can’t play it…

The song All that didn’t happen was released on the Sonder House compilation album Recollections Vol 3 which came out the last weekend of August of 2019.

Tell us something about your track All that didn’t happen!
It’s a bit funny because this track wasn’t intended to happen at all. I had a one day studio session, where I just finished recording two tracks that I had plan to record. But as I was about to finish to day I suddenly got a strong urge to go the the keyboard and just see what happened. So I pressed record (luckily) and just improvised for 3 minutes. That’s how this song came to be. It’s funny how you sometimes plan for things carefully but then suddenly something else just happens to turn out great out of spontaniety. I actually never played before or after that one take, and if I would I would have to transcribe myself to be able to do it 🙂

The name refers to one an insight I had, which is about how the things you want to change in your life gets better when you take action, while the change you long for without taking action, remains inside as a quiet, melancholic feeling, longing to be expressed in action. For me this tune expresses that feeling.

Thank you Erik! And good luck with this release!

For more information about Erik and his music, check out these links!
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