Spotted: Daniel Paterok – Imagine Paris

Spotted: Daniel Paterok – Imagine Paris

Today I’m introducing you to German composer and piano player Daniel Paterok. Daniel lives in Dortmund and makes a living from his piano! When he’s not making neo classical music for the piano he tours with different bands and teaches piano at the university of Münster.

The track Imagine Paris is part of the three track EP Mikrokosmos which was released earlier this year. One thing really special about the EP, besides the fantastic piano pieces, is that the total runtime of the EP is only 4 minutes and 27 seconds. None of the three tracks is longer than 2 minutes, and Imagine Paris clocks in on the effective 1.33.

So Daniel, what can you tell us about Imagine Paris?
The track is composed in a way, that it would perfectly fit a street or café scene in a french movie. I imagine the melody could also perfectly be played by an accordion in that scene. Also, it’s recorded on a felted piano, a recording technique made popular by the the german composer Nils Frahm.

Thank you for the music Daniel! And I can really relate to that French street (or café for that matter).

Please check out these links for more information about Daniel and his music:
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