Spotted: Daniel Rosenholm – La Solitude

Spotted: Daniel Rosenholm – La Solitude

Today I’m introducing you to the Swedish composer and piano player Daniel Rosenholm based in Dalarö, just outside the Swedish capitol Stockholm. Daniel has written music since the age of 13 and started to play the piano a couple of years before that.

I’ve had a quite long musical journey, making music in bands and solo projects with genres such as, rock, pop, soul, hip-hop, reggae. In recent years I think I’ve found my thing in making music for film. I love to be part of telling the story with music, creating emotions to the pictures. It’s such a great creative process to be given a film as an inspirational starting point.

La Solitude is the first single from the upcoming soundtrack to the short film ”Archipelago” by photographer Kalle Gustafsson. The soundtrack and the film will be released later this spring/summer, and this single was released on the 17th of march, 2021.

Tell us something about your track La Solitude!
The inspiration for this track comes from the short film ”Archipelago”. It’s reflecting the feeling of being betrayed by your closest friend and the emptiness you’re left with after that, like you’re the loneliest person in the world. ”La Solitude” is that dark cloud of melancholy that fills your mind in the absence of that friendship.

Thanks for sharing this with us Daniel!