Spotted: Rose Riebl – Over Salt Sea

Spotted: Rose Riebl – Over Salt Sea

Today I’m introducing you to the Australian composer and piano player Rose Riebl, based in Melbourne, and the track Over Salt Sea. Rose started her classical training at the age of five.

after many years of insane Conservatorium discipline I decided to run away one day, followed a wanderer’s calling & eventually began focusing on my own compositions, which are landscapes of emotion.  

The track Over Salt Sea was released as a single on the 29th of march, 2021 and will also be part on an album this summer.

Tell us something about your track Over Salt Sea!
It’s about that feeling when you’ve been dumped by waves (emotionally or literally) that don’t seem to stop, and then they do, and you come up for air, and the water is still, there’s light on it. You can breathe again.

Thank you for this Rose!

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