Spotted: Dario Crisman – Endless Love

Today I’m introducing you to Italian pianist and composer Dario Crisman based in the town Trieste. Dario has played the piano since he was a child and has a big interest in many different musical genres. I’ve seen his name flying by numerous times since he is signed by the label Blu Spiral Records which I have written about before (they are the people behind The Minimal Piano series).

Tell us something about your song Endless love!
The song I submitted is called Endless Love and is taken from the album Voyager, released on May 31st. I particularly love this piece, because it was one of the first I composed, when I was in my early twenties. At the time I listened to a lot of Anglo-Saxon music, in which there were many Celtic influences. In fact, this song sounds pretty Celtic and seems composed to be played by a harp. The sounds of the “unacorda”, piano that I discovered recently, suggested me to record the piece giving to it a more current sound. Moreover, it is certainly the shortest song I have ever written, as it does not exceed 2 minutes. I am very satisfied that something initially created more than 30 years ago has seen the light today, also because I have very positive memories of that period in which I began to take the first steps in music.

Thank you for this Dario! And isn’t it great to revisit songs you wrote so long ago?!

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