Spotted: Anna Yarbrough – Memory of you

Spotted: Anna Yarbrough – Memory of you

I have already introduced the fantastic composer Anna Yarbrough to you before. Her song Éire is a fantastic piece of music, and we did a great Behind the piano post together as well. Quick pitch: Anna is a piano player and composer from Belfast, Northern Ireland but now lives in New York City.

This track is featured on Annas album Softer Sessions which is an album made for synchronization purposes, released in may 2019.

I was asked to compile an album of solo piano pieces that were atmospheric and minimal in nature — perfect for use in the sync world.

Tell us something about your track Memory of you!
This particular track is an older one. I wrote it when I was living in Paris at the beginning of 2018, in a tiny loft AirBnB apartment. I think I initially wrote it for another TV pitch wherethey were looking for romantic underscore instrumentals. Nothing came of that particular pitch, but it was picked up by my current publisher not long after. We decided to hang on to it for the album!

Thank you Anna for this wonderful piece of music!

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