Spotted: Dave Asher – At Home

Spotted: Dave Asher – At Home

Today I’m presenting you with the American composer and piano player Dave Asher and his track At Home. Dave lives just outside Chicago and has played the piano since he was about three years old. He doesn’t read sheet music and has made a career as an improvising piano player for theater.

This track was released as a single on the 1st of January, 2022.

Tell us something about your track At Home!
I want to make a peaceful song that lets you relax and take a moment to focus on being present.  If you’re drifting off to sleep or meditating, it helps you feel good about yourself and being alive in this moment.

A film director is following my project, and he has a special screen for video editing. He captured me recording the song in front of his screen, and added a lot of beautiful special effects for a YouTube video.

Thank you very much for this Dave!