Spotted: David King – Old Forest

Spotted: David King – Old Forest

Today I’m introducing you to the Canadian piano player and composer David King, living in Toronto. David has a classical background and he also works as a piano teacher.

The track Old Forest is the second single taken from an upcoming album. This song was released on the 5th of august.

Tell us something about your track Old Forest!
‘Old Forest’ begins with a few mysterious chords which immediately reminded me of peaceful forest walks; listening to the sounds of nature under the shade of graceful trees much older than I am. Ancient trees have always fascinated me and I have been fortunate enough to see the Major Oak in England, giant conifers in Stanley Park, Vancouver and the vast forests of northern Ontario. I wanted this piece to reflect the calm of a forest walk, the nostalgia of the days when these trees were young as well as a hint of sadness due to our continual destruction of forests around the world.

Thank you for the music David!

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